Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Innovation Interview: Q&A with Ron Voigt, X-Rite Pantone

FEI 2017 presenter Ron Voigt, President of X-Rite Pantone, will be examining how getting specific with your vision early in the innovation process helps you better achieve buy-in and expedited time to market, as well as generate more overall interest and enthusiasm, in his session “The Counterintuitive Magic of Specificity.”

But before he takes the stage in May, we wanted to hear a little more about Ron and why specificity and innovation are so important to him.

You could talk about anything at FEI. Why is specificity such a big deal?

Ron Voigt: We, as humans, are born to articulate our thoughts and ideas. Giving shape to the vague, providing details of a story: these are all very uniquely human traits that can aid the workflow process considerably, but often can be overlooked or omitted.

Why is Specificity important to Innovation?

RV: Specificity is the key to overcoming so many of the obstacles that crop up in the middle of the workflow process that can really stall innovative work. When you specify, you are swapping the opaque back-and-forth for a clear, transparent path towards your vision.

What’s the most exciting thing your team has done lately along the lines of innovation?

RV: The most exciting recent innovation for the team is the creation of the TAC™ (Total Appearance Capture) ecosystem. With TAC, customers can take real materials and migrate them to the digital world. This means measuring and modeling the appearance characteristics of a physical material to enable unmatched realism and efficiency in virtual design. It’s a true breakthrough, and I am excited and impressed by their hard work. 

If you had one wish for the Innovation community, what would you wish for?

RV: That they would have equal and unfettered access to tools that allow them to simultaneously unleash their creativity while understanding exactly what they can expect to achieve when they create an actual product. 

Have you ever invented anything?

RV: During my days as an automotive engineer, I was proud to receive a patent (US5195601 and EP0512591) for an electronically controlled four-wheel steering system. This was an exciting time in my career and it was great to be recognized for creating something that was innovative and helpful for vehicle dynamic control.  

What is the new tech trend in design about which you are the most excited?

RV: The proliferation of high-end visualization tools (hardware and software) that allow designers to rapidly and easily express their creativity. I think we sometimes take advancements in this area for granted and, for me, they are truly revolutionary.

And finally, what Pantone color describes you best, and why?

RV: Pantone 291U. It’s a subtle blue – like the sky on a sunny day. I am a positive person. Every day I remind myself that the sky is the limit. 

Join Ron at his FEI2017 session to tell him what Pantone color best describes you and learn how to execute on your innovative vision.

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