Thursday, May 18, 2017

Finding Treasure

The glue that holds everything together at conferences like these is an engaging, entertaining and inspirational emcee. We were fortunate to have Mike Maddock from MaddockDouglas in that role this year. He did a great job of setting up the speakers and connecting all the dots. He also provided great insights  

We know that the next big innovation in any respective industry will come from another industry. So we need to be willing and open to learning from, at times, the most unexpected of teachers. Yesterday, we learned from a former gang leader. Today we learned from a musician. 

Panos Panay is the founder and managing director of Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship. And yes, he's a musician. King Tone shared what we can learn about innovation from the street. Panos shared what business innovators can learn from musicians. This should be interesting. Panos even admitted that he questioned, how do you coach entrepreneurialism to creative people? He determined that the very instincts that make them creative are applicable to their career journeys. He defined the following head spaces that contribute to success in innovation.

First, learn how to listen. Design thinking calls it observing.

You must collaborate. Music naturally brings people together. The ability to bring different concepts together and synthesize them, creates something completely new. This is key to innovation.

Good sense of timing is important just as timing is critical in music.

Imitation is ok. Innovation can be influenced by what has been done before. It is critical to have a deep understanding of what preceded you.

Bringing two completely different things together creates something completely new and unique.

Great musicians have the ability to get up on stage and captivate an audience. Be captivating as you present your ideas and solutions.

Failure is an important part of the learning process. We don’t always know about all the failures but for every success there are oodles of failures. Don't give up. As professionals we are so paralyzed by the fear of getting it wrong. The successful ones keep going.

We shouldn’t think of innovation as a series of ands. Artists are always influenced by their surroundings. Think of it as a continuous process that never ends. Adapting, adjusting, making new. Always becoming.

I found a great deal of treasure at FEI.

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