Thursday, January 28, 2016

Complacency Kills Innovation – FEI $900 Savings Extended to 1/29

Due to Overwhelming Demand the FEI $800 Early Bird Savings Have Been Extended - Register by Friday, 1/29 to Secure Your Spot! Plus, save an additional $100 with code FEI16LI.

Your peers have heard the message loud and clear - Complacency Kills Innovation. That's why we've already seen a record response to FEI: Front End of Innovation 2016 program- with 91 registrations last week alone. See why here:

Power-points with recycled content and speakers can be found anywhere. FEI 2016 delivers speakers and experiences to challenge your assumptions. From bring brand icons, to nimble disruptors, to innovators on the fringe, each has a lesson that will push you to look at your business in a new way.

Here's just a few highlights you won't find anywhere but FEI:

·         To Infinity & Beyond - Creativity, Courtesy of Buzz Lighyear
Greg Brandeau, former SVP of Technology, Pixar reveals the key to company-wide creativity is a special kind of leadership
·         Tell Compelling Stories... CIA Style
Leverage CIA-style body language secrets and templates used in Hollywood for million-dollar pitches as you learn to optimize storytelling delivery and impact
·         Not Thinking Like a Startup? Then You'll Soon Be Extinct
Hear venture perspectives on placing bets from the POV of innovation, design and value creation from diverse leaders in the venture world
·         Sometimes Innovation is Right in Front of You
The Boston Seaport Hotel executive chef, along with their bee keeper, give a dual demo on the Bee Hives located on the hotel rooftop that they use to harvest honey used in their kitchen. Sustainable innovation - even in your conference food
·         Misfits & Gangsters Can Help You Overcome Bureaucracies and Entrenched Power Systems
Antonio Fernandez (King Tone), former head of the Latin Kings (the largest Hispanic street gang in the US) gives firsthand experience of innovation on the fringe in the black marketing economy and helps equip "insider misfits" to drive change from within
·         Involve Design Early... Or Fail Later
Legendary designer Frank Stephenson (Chief Designer at McLaren, designer of the MINI) helps you find alternative avenues for innovation and design inspiration
·         Teamwork through the Lens of an Orchestra
Grammy winning conductor Christian Gansch explores how people can maintain their individuality and work together to create "one sound" and achieve the corporate goal.

Download the conference brochure for the full agenda:

Register by Friday, 1/29 and save $900. Use code FEI16LI to register:

We hope to see you in Boston!

The FEI 2016 Team

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FEI 2016 Keynotes: Stories from Pixar, P&G, Pinterest & more

Save $900 if you register by this Friday, 1/22!

The Surprising Connection Between Innovation & the Letter P

What do Pinterest, a social network that allows users to share photos and videos, P&G, a leading packaged good company, and Pixar, an animation film studio all share in common?

Innovation leaders who push the boundaries of what's expected. Pixar believes it's all in creative leadership. To P&G, it's thinking differently - about what you need to be, not what you are, and to Pinterest it's all in the design.

FEI: Front End of Innovation will push you to look at your business, and how you innovate, in new ways. With industry leaders sharing perspectives from across the entire innovation process - from ideation through to execution - you'll walk away with everything you need for success.

·         Leading Innovation: Greg Brandeau, former SVP of Technology, Pixar and EVP and CTO, The Walt Disney Studios, Co-Author, Collective Genius
·         Innovation from the Inside-Out: Karen Hershenson, Leader, clay street project, Procter & Gamble
·         How to Get Rich in Design: Brian Singer, Design Manager for Brand Creative, Pinterest
Plus, hear the inspiration you need for innovation execution from:
·         The Three-Box Solution Strategy for Leading & Executing Innovation
Vijay Govindarajan, Thinkers50 Winner, Best-Selling Author, Reverse Innovation, Coxe Distinguished Professor, Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business
·         The Misfit Economy: How Ingenuity on the Fringe Will Shake Up Mainstream Innovation
Alexa Clay, Culture Hacker & Innovation Strategist, Author, The Misfit Economy, Co-Founder, League of Intrapreneurs
·         Making Smarter Decisions
Dan Heath, Best-Selling Author, Made to Stick and Decisive

·         The Simple Rules of Innovation: How to Harness Constraint or Unleash Creativity
Don Sull, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management, Global Strategy Expert, Author, Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex Economy

·         The Anatomy of Legendary Design
Frank Stephenson, Chief Design Officer, McLaren Automotive
·         Building Iconic Brands through Storytelling & Design
Vince Voron, Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Global Brand Content Marketing, Dolby Labs

Download the conference brochure:

For 14 years, FEI: Front End of Innovation has been the conference your innovation community has relied upon to overcome pervasive barriers to scalable, repeatable innovation - join them this year in Boston.

Register by Friday, January 22nd & Save $800. Plus, use code FEI16BL for an additional $100 off. Register here:

The FEI 2016 Team

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Build a Culture of Innovation at Work

Innovation is a skill, not luck, or something just in Silicon Valley – it’s something you build on –whether it’s a product, or the economy.

So, what can we do today to become better innovators? The steps below transform the idea of innovation into something tangible. According to a recent article on, if repeated enough, the steps culminate in a habit of innovation.

Pick one innovation project. Experiments drive innovation. Experiments are tangible, small tweaks to concrete ideas, projects, or products. This first step will feel inconsequential. Eventually, though, the process of innovation becomes ingrained as a way of thinking, changing how we see everything in an organization. The second step below helps explain how that way of thinking becomes habitual.

Experiment. We can ensure fast learning by aiming for half-baked ideas — 50 percent solutions — as opposed to fully polished products. It means stopping halfway to get feedback, then starting again. A series of 50 percent solutions produces a better result in the long run. The quicker the loop the more innovative the process.

Rearrange the office. The rapid experimentation of the previous step, in practice, means regularly sharing ideas with each other. The physical layout of the office — the location of desks and common areas — should force run-ins throughout the work day; coffee break discussions should be more norm than exception. The same idea of ease of communication should apply electronically as well.

The bottom line is, innovation doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. Innovation is a simple thing: the skill of rapid experimentation to solve a problem. And, we can get better at it. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FEI 2016 Full Program Just Released

For 14 years, FEI: Front End of Innovation is the conference your innovation community has relied on to overcome pervasive barriers to scalable, repeatable innovation. Why? See for yourself...
Just Released - FEI 2016 program! Download the brochure: 

Groundbreaking thought-leadership from: Eli Lilly * Corning * 3M * Pfizer * Xerox * Fidelity Investments * HP * Procter & Gamble * General Mills * Pinterest * Boston Beer Company * Goodyear * Electrolux * VSP * Thomson Reuters * Optum Labs * and more!

FEI 2016
Inspiration Needs Execution
May 10-12, 2016
Boston, MA
Visit the website for more:

New for 2016: Recognizing there can be no impactful front end without a back-end, FEI 2016 features 6 concurrent break-out tracks ensuring both depth and breadth of content along the entire innovation spectrum.

Embark on Innovation Excursions: Explore how companies like Sam Adams Brewery, MassChallenge or Fidelity Labs innovate with behind the scenes access with their internal innovation teams

Meet the Innovators that Matter: 600+ Participants * 85% from the client side. Meet the decision makers at leading innovation organizations that will help move business forward.

You get an exclusive $100 off the current rate when you register using code FEI16LI. Register today:

We hope to see you in Boston this spring!

The FEI Team

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