Wednesday, November 16, 2016

BEI 16: Opening Talk by Julie Anixter, Executive Director of AIGA

Opening Talk by Julie Anixter, Executive Director of AIGA
 Back End of Innovation Conference

Julie Anixter began the conference with a slide on the innovation journey. The first step on the journey is Ignored—and goes all the way to Continuous (Here are the stages: ignored, initiated, systematized, embedded, continuous).
The questions set forth are where are you? Why did you come to BEI?
Some crowd answers: learning, networking, tips and tricks, success stories, transitions into digital, because this is the hard part (the back end of innovation), because I volunteered.
Anixter encouraged the community to get to know one another and benefit from exchanging experiences: “You have entered into a tribe of very serious people and you can really benefit by getting to know each other.”
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