Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why LEAN Innovation is Critical for Large Enterprises

We recently sat down with LEAN Startup in the Enterprise facilitator, Peter Koen, PhD and director of Consortum for Corporate Entrepreneurship at Stevens Institute of Technology, and discussed the importance of the LEAN method on an organization.

Why is LEAN critical to large enterprises?                

Koen: Large companies are innovative along the sustaining trajectory, but fail in the development of transformational and disruptive innovation. Two of the reasons for this failure are that transformational and disruptive innovations require a new business model and lack a unifying development process comparable to stage gate. The lean start-up process represents a new paradigm which allows companies to dramatically shorten the time needed to 1) create transformational and disruptive innovation: 2) pivot to a new business model or 3) stop the project.

What is the biggest mistake or complication when trying to deploy the LEAN method without proper training?

Koen: Large companies typically make the following mistakes: 1) incorrect problem definition; 2) confuse solution attributes and the solution; 3) use the Osterwalder canvas rather than the FEI canvas; 4) focus on the wrong customers; and 5) fail to embrace early prototyping.

What are the biggest organizational constraints in applying lean?

Koen: Companies need to adopt an ambidextrous organization when implementing lean in a large organization. The research, rationale and organizational structure for doing this will be discussed at the workshop.

What are you most excited about for the workshop?

Koen: The workshop will be done in an interactive format which will allow participants to learn the key principles of lean while solving actual “wicked” problems.

Why someone in the industry should attend the workshop?

Koen: Any company who is interested in succeeding in transformational or disruptive innovations should attend as lean startup represents the most current paradigm for being successful in these higher risk projects.

LEAN Startup is one of the most effective processes for bringing breakthrough innovation to life and has been proven to work effectively in both startups AND large enterprises. The LEAN Startup in the Enterprise Workshop will guide you through the entire process of deploying the LEAN Startup in a large enterprise. Under the instruction of an expert facilitator, you will work in teams to solve a “wicked” innovation challenge mastering every step of LEAN Startup along the way. Come curious, leave an expert. View Workshop Agenda: http://bit.ly/2bOFCfT

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