Monday, August 15, 2016

Enter to Win a Free Pass to The Future of Food Summit

Food connects all industries and all people across the world.

The future of food movement has the potential to be the most significant and meaningful trend of our time.  Through exploring the dramatic changes in how we produce, consume, interact with and understand food, companies can have a major competitive advantage. 

The Food movement encompasses all trends including local and organic movements, technology, product development and ingredients, health and wellness, world hunger, environmental change and more. The Future of Food Summit in Miami next month will provide a platform for industries to unite to learn about these changes, grasp the impact on their industry and understand how it will continue to evolve.  

At The Future of Food Summit, become better prepared and inspired to meet the challenges the future holds. Find out how to spot new trends, bring foresight to strategy, and engage with your future consumer.

Enter to win a free pass here:

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