Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Forward Focus: The Impact of the New Economy and Intrapreneurship on Innovation

How can businesses adapt in this new economy?

In our Forward Focus interview series, we sat down with Alexa Clay, author of The Misfit Economy, to discuss the “new economy” and intrapreneurship, and the implications of each on innovation.

Part of the ambition of The Misfit Economy, according to Clay, is to ask hard question including: What does it look like when we break out of command and control systems? What are new types of management? What can we learn from hacker collectives?

“So, the new economy is a stand in for thinking about the moment that we are in,” explained Clay. “We are in a moment of enormous transition where institutions and multinational companies are really going to have to figure out how they evolve. How do they develop new cultures to fit a really different kind of employee profile? How do they cater to misfits – people that are really thinking outside of the box?”

Watch the full interview below:

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