Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Start Accomplishing More with the Product Development and Management Association

By: Charlie Noble, PhD and Chair of the Product Development and Management Association

When you’re passionate about something life changing all you want to do is share your excitement, right?

I have been involved with the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) for over seven years. As an active member across several different task forces and volunteer positions within the organization, I am proud and honored to hold the PDMA Chair position. During my tenure as a member, I have had the opportunity to experience PDMA through its variety of programs and interact with diverse community of members. But there is one key reason why I continue to stay involved. PDMA offers what no other organization can - it is a unique home for practitioners and academics alike to connect on the latest theories, empirical findings and see in practice how companies are implementing their product development and management programs. When these different areas of the profession join together, extraordinary bonds and transformative knowledge is born that only benefits the industry as a whole.

As a product development and management professional, you know that the field of innovation is critical to economic development. So, why not apply that same drive of innovation to your professional development and start accomplishing more? More connections, more knowledge, more idea sharing, and even more business growth for your organization. 

My experience with PDMA allows me to do all of the above and more. The PDMA community has guided me through my career and provides the resources I need to accomplish new goals and professional achievements. In addition, I am fortunate enough to build connections with others in the industry that I have relied on as a resource when it comes to identifying solutions for day-to-day challenges.  

Becoming a member not only moves your career forward, but it empowers you to create new, innovative strategies for growth – all while driving profitability for your organization.

We understand that over your career your needs will change and PDMA’s resources expand across all development stages. PDMA will grow with you and beside you.

Do yourself a favor; give your role as a product development or product manager a boost. Join this global community of people just like you: open-minded individuals from some of the world’s leading brands who have been where you are today. It’s an investment that pays for itself and will provide immediate benefits to you and your organization.

Need more incentive? Save $30 off membership when you use the code FEIBlog by July 1, 2016.

Charlie Noble, PhD is the Chair of the Product Development and Management Association. He currently holds the position of Proffitt’s Professor of Marketing and Director of the Marketing PhD Program at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

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