Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How Will the Future of Food Impact Your Business?

Explore the Future of Food at Foresight & Trends

Technology, Wellbeing and Environmental Change are revolutionizing food consumption and manufacturing across the globe. The effects of this movement are far reaching, impacting industries across the board, from CPG to Healthcare to Automotive to Retail.

How will the future of food impact your business?  The opportunities are limitless.  The Future of Food Summit will provide a platform for industries to join together and discuss the impact these changes will have on their business and their consumers. 

View the Foresight & Trends Agenda:

Check out these can't miss sessions:

·         Changes In Our Industry: Food Trends & Disruptors Panel
Lara Migliasi, Hyatt Hotels, among others, discusses what the future holds for their industry and consumers.
·         Millennial Tastes: A Food Landscape Comparison of Millennials and Gen-Xers
David Schliecker, Food Network, looks at Millennial’s relationship with food and how their dinning, cooking habits and inspirations differ from those of their Gen-X predecessors.
·         Entrepreneurship & the Future of Food
Manoj Fenelon, Former PepsiCo, hosts a number of entrepreneurs who are doing their part to re-imagine food production, consumption and culture.
The future of food is just one of the trends we explore at Foresight & Trends.  Also delve into technology, heath & wellness, the future consumer, family & home, and the future of work. Discover how to activate these trends and implement processes, skills, and tools into your business. 

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The Foresight & Trends Team

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