Thursday, May 5, 2016

10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss FEI Next Week

Hundreds of your innovation peers have already booked their trip to Boston for FEI – Front End of Innovation next week. Here's the top 10 sessions they've told us they're most excited to attend: 
  1. Procter & Gamble's Karen Hershenson reveals how P&G's clay street project has helped FEI teams and organizations deliver breakthrough innovations, highly effective teams and transform individuals
  2. Attend an FEI-exclusive Masterclass session with Vijay Govindarajan, Thinkers 50 Winner and Best-Selling Author, Reverse Innovation, and take a deeper dive into the three-box solution strategy for leading and executing innovation
  3. Enhance innovation and business performance with LEGO® Bricks! This hands-on workshop leads shares a minds-on approach to making strategy and accelerating change
  4. See what start-up entrepreneurs can learn from drug dealers and black market innovators in The Art of Hustle Workshop with Antonio Fernandez, Former Leader, Latin Kings and Alex Clay, Founder, The Misfit Academy
  5. Christian Gansch, Grammy Winner & World-Renowned Conductor explores how people can maintain their individuality and work together to create "one sound" and achieve corporate goals
  6. Uncover the importance of holistic design and the valuable role designers play in building strong brands and provoking innovation from Vince Voron, Vice President, Global Brand Content Marketing, Dolby Labs
  7. Discover how to choose the right ideas to push forward with Rapid Prototyping strategies and best practices from Wells Fargo
  8. Leverage disruptive technology to grow your business exponentially with insights from XPRIZE & Singularity University
  9. Gain inspiration on how a large companies like General Mills can adopt an entrepreneurial approach both domestically and internationally by using Consumer First Design
  10. Find out how startup organizations have successfully navigated the world of corporate partnerships as FEI takes you to the MassChallenge innovation accelerator with talks from Autodesk, CVS, Pepsi, and more.
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