Monday, April 18, 2016

Set the Stage for Innovation with former Pixar SVP of Technology, Greg Brandeau

Greg Brandeau, former SVP of Technology, Pixar and EVP & CTO, The Walt Disney Studios recently sat down with Innovation Leader for an interview prior to delivering his keynote address at FEI: Front End of Innovation.

When asked about leaders setting the stage for innovation, Brandeau had said leaders "see themselves as stage-setters or context creators. They hire a bunch of smart, diverse people and let them have at it. It's not that the leader has the idea of what to do; the vision is an emergent property of the organization."

See the full interview here:

He'll continue on the topic of Leading Innovation on the keynote stage at FEI: Front End of Innovation next month. Join us as he reveals the culture and leadership styles behind some of the most successful, innovative companies.

In addition to Greg, you'll be inspired by innovation experts like:

·         Vijay Govindarajan, Thinkers 50 Winner and Best-Selling Author, Reverse Innovation on The Three-Box Solution Strategy for Leading & Executing Innovation
·         Alexa Clay, Culture Hacker & Innovation Strategist, The League of Intrapreneurs on How Ingenuity on the Fringe Will Shake Up Mainstream Innovation
·         Karen Hershenson, Leader, clay street project, Procter & Gamble on Innovation from the Inside Out
·         Dan Heath, Best-Selling Author, Made to Stick & Decisive, on Making Smarter Decisions

And more!

Download the FEI: Front End of Innovation brochure for the full agenda and session descriptions:

Company-wide innovation begins with great leadership. Join us at FEI 2016 to uncover what you need to create and lead a team where innovation thrives.

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