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Call for Presenters: Foresight & Trends 2016


Sept 27-29, 2016 in Sunny Miami, FL

Due to the high volume of submissions, we suggest you submit your proposal early and no later than Tuesday March 15, 2016 to Romina Kunstadter, Conference Producer at Rkunstadter@iirusa.com


*Please note this call for papers is ONLY for Client side companies. If you are a consultant, solution provider, vendor interested in speaking on the 2016 program please scroll to the bottom of this email for details on how to submit.

We are currently seeking client-side presenters for the 2016 Foresight & Trends Event. Please see below for details on how to submit a proposal. Prior to submitting please make sure the event dates work with your schedule (Sept 27-29). Also please note that as a speaker you will receive a complimentary 3 day pass to the event. You would be responsible for additional travel and expenses. If you have any questions about this please feel free to email Romina directly: Rkunstadter@iirusa.com.

About Foresight and Trends:

The Foresight and Trends event has been running for over 20 years. FT explores macro trends that are/will impact all industries and reveals how companies are converting these trends/global shifts into something ACTIONABLE. See how they are using trends to innovate- whether it’s new products, services, how they structure internally or use trends to inform the overall strategy of the business to ensure future success. Visit the website here: http://bit.ly/1LEK9lD

Please see below for a look at topics that will be covered on the FT’16 program. If you have a story to share on one of these topics or an additional trend/ story that you feel would be a fit please submit no later than Wednesday March 15, 2016. Details on how to submit are included below.

Future of Food
·         Global Issues around Food: Waste, Scarcity- what might the future look like- what is the current state – Food distribution- how will this change and effect retail
·         Health & Wellbeing’s Impact on Food- How major corporations are preparing, Partnering to have diverse offerings
·         Vertical Farming: How will this effect layout of cities, how people consume, what are the major implications?
·         Smart Kitchens
·         Wearables and Food
·         Food and Prevention
·         How are consumers consuming?
o   How are they shopping? Retail space- How people shop? On-line vs off-line

The Home & The American Family
o   Home in US/ Home in Asia
o   Future of Family
o   Lifestyle in Home
o   Education
o   How are traditions changing
o   LGBT
o   Effects of Digital and Social on Family Dynamics and changes in how we communicate with each other
§  Geographical sense what’s changing? Where are people moving too- what does this mean for us? How will it change their behavior?
§  How will transportation change?

The Future Consumer/ Future of Consumption
o   How are habits changing: Neuro/ emotions/attitudes/ patterns
o   How are people consuming- what are they consuming?
o   Mobile lifestyle—What’s happening in mobility- seamlessness—What are new opportunities in mobile space
o   Entertainment Industry – Innovation/ Changes/ Trends
o   Trends in Language (How do you speak to diff segments/when labeling a product)
o   Luxury Experiences/ Defining Luxury: what are consumers looking for as far as new types of engagement
o   The new consumer on and offline – how do you create a seamless experience- creating  a seamless relationship with a brand with the initial purchase and then when repurchasing
o   Consumer Lifestyle
o   Next Gen: How is next gen different expectations, life attitude- their attitudes and expectations of the world and life in general
o   Personalization
o   Future of Payment and Finance: bitcoin and digital currencies

Future Workforce
o   Freelance economy- how is government regulation effecting this? How will companies adjust to this change?
o   The Gen Z – How to hire? How to keep them engaged?
o   Passing down knowledge
o   Office Space- Remote offices, Designing for wellbeing, for serendipity
o   Collaborative Economy/ Sharing Economy
o   Automation of work – robots
o   What will the work landscape look like in the future and how tech is impacting this

Wellbeing/ Health
·         Tech implications on health and wellness
·         Measurement/ Self Diagnosis
·         Robotics:  What are the implications and effects on people?
·         Precision Medicine—genome sequencing and then tailoring the medicine—What’s happening in this space? What are implications?

PROCESS/ STRUCTURE/ FRAMEWORKS: Uncovering Trends, Selecting the right ones, and converting them into new opportunities and growth.
·         Marketing Mix- Move to digital – how can you be savvier in how you do this? Challenges and successes
·         Brand reinvention
·         HOW STRATEGIC PLANNING ORGANIZATION ARE STRUCTURED AND HOW THEY EVOLVE: Discuss your company’s structure and organization and how they evolve- How do you organize to work and understand these trends - how are your resources organized to do that?
·         How do you use trends to build out every product development launch
·         Building a Future Thinking Internal Culture
·         How are you getting the insights and integrating them
·         What frameworks are you using?
·         Social Listening- Best Practices in how to accelerate findings – who is doing this well?
·         Trends in Business Models
·         Digital: How is it evolving?  How do I use it to my advantage things like Instagram and Pinterest? What vendors are helpful? Shopping on-line- If you want to order a can of bumble bee tuna on amazon how do you do that?
·         Skill: Big shift and how do you deal with the repercussions – every company is dealing with the how do you manage the conversation about yourself on social media and how and when to let it go – when do you need to pay attention- and how do you intercept it
·         HOW: How do you pull frameworks again- how are you setting up internalizing and actioning against this- How are you communicating the importance—what did you learn coming out of the back end ?
·         Incubators- how to partner with startups?

·         Tour: Have a suggestion for an off-site tour/ expedition in the Miami Area?
·         A possible Workshop that would be relevant for this group- Story telling for the Future, Scenario Planning, Rapid Prototyping?

·         Tech Panel Discussion: VR, Robotics, etc. and will happen when they become mainstream
§  How tech is impacting the consumer of the future – Tech could be in product development but also in innovation space in terms of wearable tech
§  Data Mining 
·         AUTONOMOUS WORLD Panel: 
§  Autonomous Drivers– HUMAN LED FUTURES
§  How is the government planning for this autonomous world
§  The impact on consumer behavior and across all industries

·         DIGITAL: Digital Piece—all the diff aspects of how digitization is changing the world from media to health
§  What happens if you insert food, health, luxury into the digital space? – Is anyone doing this well
§  What is the next generation of ecommerce (Eg: retailers that were off line and are now on-line- what do distribution models look like)
§  Live streaming like SnapChat- look into people’s lives- What are the implications? What has already changed as a result of platforms like these?
·         GLOBAL ISSUES: Water Scarcity – what does that world look like now- how will it look in 10 years and what does this mean for us? Waste? Food Distribution? Pollution?
·         Evolution of Trends throughout time: Trend / Counter Trend
·         The Future Consumer
·         Changes in Home: Smart Home, Geographical Changes, IOT, Family Dynamics
·         Behavioral Changes/ Psychology
·         Cultural Changes/ Pop Culture
·         Asian Consumers

Due to the high volume of submissions, only accepted proposals will be notified. For consideration, please email
rkunstadter@iirusa.com with the following information by Tuesday, March 15, 2016 :
  • Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)
  • 3-4 Sentence Bio
  • The topic your session would cover
·         Session Title
·         Session Description (60 words or less)- What is new and unique? What will the audience gain from this presentation? (Please submit this as you would want it to appear in the brochure)
·         Your complete Mailing Address, best contact number, best email.


SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  All vendors, consultants, agencies and solutions providers that would like to get involved in Foresight and Trends 2016 should contact Sponsorship Director, Jeffrey Jordon at Jjordan@iirusa.com or at 646.895.7422

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