Thursday, October 15, 2015

Innovation Leaders Help You Make Your Ideas a Reality at BEI 2015

It's been said before, but it's true, no matter how great your ideas are, unless you can make them something real, all they'll ever be is an idea. That's why the real challenge in innovation lies in execution.

BEI: Back End of Innovation is your chance to explore how industry leaders are converting innovation into profit, and just a few of our speakers wanted to share why they're excited about BEI next month:

Stuart Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Product Development, Deckers wants to learn from fellow attendees what innovators can do to drive innovation forward in their organizations. See more here:

Marla Hetzel, Director of Innovation, AARP Services, Inc is looking forward to learn more about executing innovation because she understands the challenges we all face. Marla shares her tips on innovation execution in this video:

Jennifer Draklellis, Director of Innovation, United Healthcare is eager to meet people who are in the trenches innovating every day, and learn from them, because it's the hardest part of the process. Hear more from Jennifer:

David Matheson, Founder & CEO, SmartOrg wants to connect with real innovators inside of organizations, the people who are committed to making things happen. Get innovation tips from David:

Download the brochure for more:
Plus, hear what some of our past attendees have had to say about BEI: Back End of Innovation:
"Interacting with the diverse and talented group of participants in the luxurious Cosmopolitan environment make it a remarkable event. Particularly memorable where the inspiring stories of Thomas Edison and Hamdi Ulukaya. Throughout the three days, I gained insights and contacts that will be instrumental in helping Boeing cultivate and leverage productive internal and external innovation networks to drive growth and productivity." - Shawn Moffit, Boeing

"BEI is a great way to see the diverse approaches to innovation management, across different industries and size companies. It is also a small enough group to allow for valuable connections." - Amelia Schaffner, Accenture

Take your first step towards unprecedented growth and register today to join us in San Jose! You get an exclusive $100 discount for being a valued member of our LinkedIn community. Use code BEI15BL to register:

See you next week!

The BEI Team


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