Thursday, October 8, 2015

Corporate Intrapreneur Summit in NYC, Part 1

Corporate Intrapreneur Summit (organized by the Institute for International Research and Culturevate) is taking place at the Digital Sandbox in Lower Manhattan in NYC. The Summit brought together 75 innovation leaders from large corporations, small companies and government.

The morning sessions were focused on the definition of corporate intrapreneurship and the qualities of people who aspire to become entrepreneurs in large companies. Although the definition part remains a bit fuzzy (all four participants of the corresponding panel used somewhat different words to define who intrapreneurs are), pretty much everyone agreed on the characters true intrapreneurs must display: creativity, independence, empathy and desire to take risks.

Three case studies (presented by innovators from SAP, Liberty Global and ExxonMobil) showcased the benefits of corporate intrapreneurship can bring to organizations and the difficulties they meet when launching corresponding corporate programs.

An interactive working session moderated by Innovation Loft was designed to outline the challenges entrepreneurs themselves face in their organizations. Among those, the most frequently mentioned were the difficulty to align their projects with the corporate business strategy, the lack of executive leadership and, not surprisingly, funding.   

About the Author: Eugene Ivanov is helping organizations of different sizes design and implement internal and external innovation programs. He’s an expert in selecting and defining R&D problems that can be successfully solved by crowdsourcing. He writes blog Innovation Observer and tweets @eugeneivanov101. 

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