Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Why Every Organization Needs Big Bets & Spectacular Failures

It's no coincidence that our most revered business icons are also the boldest risk-takers, such as Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. Yet businesses today are continually playing it safe - focused only on short-term gains, rather than long-term value creation - resulting in a stagnant business culture, generating forgettable results in a world that demands significant solutions.

Ensure TMC is unforgettable at BEI: Back End of Innovation this October.

BEI 2015 will share proven skills, techniques and strategies to help you uncover how you can step into the unknown in spite of uncertainty and ambiguity, and be successful.

BEI: Back End of Innovation 2015
October 21-23, 2015 // San Jose Marriott // San Jose, CA
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·         The Risk Factor: Why Every Organization Needs Big Bets, Bold Characters & the Occasional Spectacular Failure
Deborah Piscione, NYT Best-Selling Author, Secrets of Silicon Valley and The Risk Factor

Exemplifying the heroes of risk, entrepreneurship and venture capitalism - and the role risk-taking and failure tolerance play in their success, Piscione makes the case not only for big, flashy mergers and acquisitions, but also for making anarchic choices in everything from leadership to corporate image and responsibility. Drawing on case studies from start-up business giants like Netflix, to upstart giants in business like Sir Richard Branson, Deborah distills lessons for both new and old entrepreneurs whose practice of risk aversion has cost them more than they will ever know.

·         Risk Taking & Decision Making in Poker, Business & Life
Caspar Berry, Risk Taking & Decision Making Expert, Professional Poker Player

Former professional poker player, Caspar Berry, shares his insights into how uncertainty can be a force for good in our lives. Using the metaphor of poker Caspar demonstrates the chaos created by a deck of cards and how and why we should be taking calculated risks for the good of our businesses. He looks at how we can break through fear of failure in our personal and professional lives. Through a combination of economics and psychology he promises to liberate us from conformity and create the most compelling argument yet for how, when and why to take risk, fail some, but succeed more than ever before.

Unite with some of the best in innovation execution and learn how planned, strategic risk can drive revenue and unlock growth in your organization.

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We hope to see you in San Jose this October!

The BEI Team

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