Friday, September 11, 2015

Trend Spotlight: Own Your Audience

Trends are everywhere. They are in the cloths you wear, the car you drive, and your exercise routine. Trends are always evolving and new trends are always manifesting.

We recently sat down with Jaclyn Rosen, Research Analyst at Astronauts Wanted, Sony Music Entertainment, to talk about the most disruptive trends this year. Jaclyn will be speaking at the upcoming Foresight & Trends conference because she is wants to try to see around corners and into the fog of the future.

According to Jaclyn, the trend that will cause the most disruption is the next generation of talent have a direct relationship with their audience…they “own” their audience and this in one fail swoop disintermediates the entire traditional entertainment industry!

Her presentation at FT will be “In the Future, Everyone Will Be World-Famous for 15 Minutes.” Turn on the screens of a Gen Z today and Warhol’s prediction looks remarkably prescient: young self-made social media stars are amassing millions of followers and challenging the foundations of entertainment industry. Tech and social media has democratized the very act of creativity, and engendered a whole new class of creators who are reshaping their own media universe, and ours. Find out how Astronauts Wanted, no experience necessary, celebrate and co-create with this new breed of media star and their massive fandoms. 

Don’t miss Jaclyn’s session about this and more at Foresight & Trends 2015 taking place September 30-October 1st in Los Angeles California. Visit the website to learn more and to register:

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