Monday, August 31, 2015

Trend Spotlight: The Power of Nature

Trends are everywhere. They are in your neighborhood, at your workplace, on TV. They are in the cloths you wear, the car you drive, and your exercise routine. Trends are always evolving and new trends are always manifesting.

We recently sat down with Alexis Wintrob, former Global Fragrance & Flavor Trends Leader, to talk about what she thinks will be the most disruptive trend.

“I think the ongoing power of Nature is one we cannot ignore. It may seem obvious and trend forecasters have been talking about nature and sustainability for numerous years, but the fact is, our natural environment is our lifeline. If we don’t figure out innovative solutions for how to preserve it and leverage its resources in the most positive and creative ways, our planet will be in even bigger trouble than it is today,” she explained.

This year, Alexis will be speaking at the upcoming Foresight & Trends conference because she is excited to meet other like-minded individuals and learn from her colleagues who also have a genuine interest and love for understanding the world around us.

She added, “This is the perfect forum to continue to hone my trends understanding and learn about new tools for how to best help brands, teams, and communities develop the best possible trend-forward plans.”

In her presentation at FT entitled, “Emotionally-Invested: Delivering Emotion-Rich Consumer Propositions,” she will discuss how successful activation is more likely when a broad range of trend and sensory data is mined. In addition, the use of emotion as a unifying element can enhance the delivery of sight, smell, taste, texture and sound as they converge into a holistic consumer experience. Her talk will take a look at a recent disruptive trend that has reverberated through culture, music, recipes, smells, and styles, and consider how multi-sensorial sensitivity is an essential tool for the active forecaster.

Don’t miss Alexis’s session about this and more at Foresight & Trends 2015 taking place September 30-October 1st in Los Angeles California. Visit our website to learn more and to register:

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