Friday, July 17, 2015

This Week In Innovation: 7/13/15 - 7/17/15

How best to advance women in Silicon Valley you ask? Former Google Exec, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy would answer you by inserting that women should be present on every startup board. The thinking behind this answer is that rather than focusing on expanding the diversity for boards of large companies, why not start seating women at “young startups”? To assist in the board member search which, let’s be honest, can take a lot of time, Singh Cassidy is launching “The Board List.” In essence this will be a database of more than 600 women who could potentially serve on private company boards. Each candidate is sorted by expertise and nominated through an inaugural group consisting of 60 Silicon Valley influencers. How’s that for disruptive innovation?

What is successful employee engagement and how do you drive a comfortable workspace? This question, more often than not, receives a ton of attention every year at organizations trying to implement a fully engaged workforce. Fast Company, this week, released six shocking insights related to employee engagement. Among the six insights? The organization Quicken Loans as an example case study of what full engagement looks like. An executive VP for engagement research at the Conference Board, explains that few companies have really given themselves to the mission of “creating a positive and enabling workplace.” Employees of Quicken Loans have in fact frequently written letters to detail how much working for the organization has aided them in turning their lives around. Overall, the article provides key insights that are extremely valuable to the standards of any organization. 

Finish the sentence: College gives the next generation… 

According to a recent article by the Smithsonian, universities like Stanford are developing and molding the next great innovators by offering courses on design and entrepreneurship more frequently. “…to continue to groom some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs and thinkers, it (Stanford) and other academic institutions are realizing that college, in some ways, needs to become a four-year incubator, approaching higher education in a fundamentally new way.” The article then goes on to explain Stanford’s method of applying the design thinking skills across fields in order to equip students with the mindset to overcome various global issues spanning from healthcare to energy. It’s safe to say that programs such as the one offered at Stanford, enable the next generation of innovators.  

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