Friday, June 26, 2015

This Week In Innovation: 6/22/15 - 6/26/15

Six Degrees Of Innovation: Business model features you need to innovate

Why Digital Disruption Is Not Good For Incumbent Companies: Disruption will displace 40% of incumbent companies in 12 industries studied 

Where Design Boosts Creativity: The Google Offices

Creating A Productive Culture In Your Organization: From cultural awareness to an innovative mindset

The Five-Fold Path To Disruption: Leveraging competitive differentiators

Redefining The Future Of IT: Five trends that are shaping the future

The Evolution Of SEO Trends Over 25 Years: The past and looking forward

5 Predictions For The Future Of Social Media

Apple, Google And Samsung Bet On Walletless Future: Getting rid of cards and wallets to buy groceries

Data And Creativity: The new cozy bedfellows

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