Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Re-Birth of Crowdsourcing: Profiling Crowds by Their Innovation Skills

Q: What was the inspiration for the Swarm Enterprise Profiler?

A: I noticed the crowd was not amorphous. There were distinct skill groups.

The idea really came to me while I was running large innovation crowdsourcing projects for our clients. I noticed that there were really distinct types of people in the crowd. Some put enormous energy into expressing their ideas, with elaborate illustrations and videos that were really impressive. But with all of that focus on their creative craft, these entries often did not contain a fundamentally novel solution to the problem.

We also got all kinds of very incremental ideas. And noticed that a large part of any crowd didn’t submit any ideas at all.  But they were super active in commenting or voting on ideas.
So I set about to write down my hypotheses and test them. In true Lean Start Up style, I started with $100 and a sample of about 100 people. Over the subsequent year, we ran several larger, much more costly studies, with correlation coefficients, regression analysis and factor analysis — all that fun stuff.  It turns out that our hypotheses were true, the four skills groups are real, and they are very distinct from each other. We can identify them pretty quickly now, in just 17 questions.

What’s really gratifying is that, once we ran crowd campaigns on SwarmVision, we could see how people actually behaved. It turns out that Ideators really are about 50% more prolific in generating ideas. Their ideas are more likely to be rated highly by Experts and Judges, and more likely to be tagged as “Revolutionary” by objective moderators. Influentials are 50% more likely to vote and comment on ideas. We organize these groups into a workflow that dramatically improves their experience, and the quality of the ideas. This is a non-trivial improvement on crowdsourcing that we’re really proud of.
Once we saw these results, we really knew we were on to something important. So we began our work to develop the internal solution for our clients, the Swarm Enterprise Profiler

You can see, and even take the Crowd Profiler yourself, at www.swarmvision.com
Contact: Suzan@totembrand.com Suzan Briganti, CEO, Totem Inc.


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