Monday, May 18, 2015

Harness the Innovation Talent Already on Your Payroll

Q: How can businesses use the Swarm Enterprise Profiler? What’s in it for them?

A:  We hope enterprises use the Profiler to identify and harness the innovation talent already on their payroll. It exists to improve their innovation success rate, and make happier employees

After we created the Swarm Crowd Profiler, we saw a big opportunity with the enterprise, because many large companies struggle to innovate, and they often turn to their workforces to generate ideas. The problem is, few of their employees were selected for their innovation abilities — they were first in their class on the accounting test, etc. That’s cool for a vertical skill (e.g. accounting) but it doesn’t tell us anything about their innovation potential.

The first step is for large companies to understand the innovation and entrepreneurial talents they already have, and what skills they may lack. They can then use this understanding to balance teams, set goals, provide feedback to managers, consider entrepreneurial potential in their hiring.  Placing these people across the entire innovation cycle is key.

Next we are studying the ideal make up innovative teams, across a wide range of industries, and full gamut of innovation targets – from commercial to disruptive innovation. Eventually, we will be able to benchmark companies within their industry, and against global innovation leaders.

Overall, I hope with this insight, large companies can become more supportive of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and behaviors. This will make companies more productive, and create happier workplaces. But most importantly, they will become more successful in their innovation endeavors.

If you are interested in using the Swarm Enterprise Profiler in your enterprise, you can request a log in by contacting

Contact:, Suzan Briganti, CEO, Totem Inc.

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