Monday, February 2, 2015

How innovation thinking is evolving at companies

After three days marinating in the ether at the 12th Annual Front End of Innovation last year, Marc Dresner, our senior editor, observed that companies are not harnessing the power of their chief innovation resource—people—to its capacity. In most cases, we’re not even close.

In a world, where teenagers are manufacturing prosthetic limbs on 3-D printers, conventional strategic innovation seems rather myopic.

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In the 14-page Executive Summary from FEI, he notes that "accordingly, change management was a major theme at FEI" 2014.

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Innovation is becoming something more than a deliverable; it’s a mindset. 2014 saw the beginning of the realization of innovation as an unconscious, continuous state of doing.

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  1. Harnessing the Power of Passion and Purpose
  2. Innovation Demands a Different Kind of Leader
  3. It’s Not Just Fear of Failure; It’s About Willingness to Change
  4. Autonomy and Purpose Trump Cash Incentives in Driving Innovation
  5. Serial Innovators in Large Corporations: What Makes Them Tick and How to Manage Them
  6. The Cathedral and the Bazaar: The Changing Face of Innovation Partnerships
  7. Design Thinking and Holistic Innovation
  8. An Ambidextrous Answer to the Dilemma of Present vs. Future
  9. Jugaadda See How They Innovate in Emerging Markets!
  10. Women Innovators on the Changing Face of Innovation

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