Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Real Time Marketing or Video Marketing?

The flow of social media and digital trends for the year are leading to the synergy (or battle?) of two trends: real time and video. Which one is set to prevail?

Real Time Marketing

Is almost as if something is memory, vintage, expired or extinct on its maiden voyage. As the antithesis to traditional advertising which worked on repeat value, real time marketing is more than just the hype of being current, but is more agile, in the moment. As social media experts have it, its not a project but a process, and is thus fluid, ongoing, instead of a one shot advertising campaign. For marketers, this obviously means that the content marketed as real-time needs to be brand relevant and not just a hype driver.

Video Marketing

Instagram introduced videos as competition to Vine, despite both evolving into separate uses of video: one for viral marketing and the other for personal sharing. Even Snapchat enabled video, as Facebook improved its platforms. Video marketing is likely to wrinkle out any glitches it may have, since while mobile and tablet markets embrace video happily, apps have improved video platforms as an enabler. Owing to a visual medium that is a step further in than still images, video will become the biggest trend of the year, owing to its visual prowess. And watch for a photo video fusion with the likes of Flipagram catching on.

As marketers, the key pieces of interrelated advice are as follows: beware and be aware… both of evolution and change

Sourabh Sharma, Senior Manager and Communication & Social Media Research Expert at SKIM, an boutique marketing research consultancy, has a background in engineering, marketing and finance from the University of Pennsylvania, and the Wharton School and Rotterdam School of Management. Having worked in marketing and product development at L’Oreal, followed by a stint in management consulting, he now passionately enjoys the world of social media, and can be found on every platform with his alias sssourabh. He is a food critic and a fashion writer, and documents these alongside strategy on his blog called 3FS. He may be reached at Follow him on @sssourabh.

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