Saturday, March 22, 2014

FEI VENICE 2014: Business models for space

Ever felt like having your head on the moon? Now the time is right. Brage W. Johansen from the Space & Energy Innovation Network told us to switch from out-of-the-box to out-of-the-planet thinking. In the next decades energy could be supplied by drilling equipment on the moon or even asteroids where a lot of Helium-3 is stored. But not only energy supply will be an important business area.

Business areas in space
The most important drivers for space opportunities in space are private space companies lead by space addicted enthusiasts like Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft or Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

Private space companies
The most important aim to push business to the space is to bring the rocket prices down. In the last decade the private space sector has already reduced the price to 10%. So we should definitely start to think outside our planet for new opportunE.T.s

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