Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Live from #FEIEMEA: The Munich Trenz®Walk

The power of trends is in the application of deep cultural insights to real business challenges and solutions. To succeed in today's consumer landscape, we must blend art and science to spot the trends and quickly translate the trends into actionable strategic opportunities. "Cool Hunting" to identify these trends results in culturally relevant business opportunities, from branding to product development to delivery.

As "cultural anthropologists", we'll went on a voyage of discovery into the latest, walking through the Kult Fabrik area in Munich while incorporating our tracking skills of slowing, looking down, and expanding perceptions to generate new insights and creative thinking.

Most information, in whatever form, is reaching us with a delay (and transformed) of half a year. But we live in a world where the 'speed of change' is ever accelerating. In order to signal change or trends, one has to detect them in their embryonic state. Most of us in the decision-making field are disconnected with the outside world and are visually 'handicapped'...

Firmenich's 'Trenz®Walking' is an unique system to detect trends in their infancy (mostly 3-4 years before they globally manifest themselves). It allows not only to signal the new early, but also to reveal the process of change/trends. Here's a bit of what we saw:

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