Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Live from #FEIEMEA: Innovation Acceleration & What's Your Next Business Model? in Citations

Today we had the second great day with genius keynote speakers and excellent talks.

Navi Radjou, Co-Author of the Best Seller Jugaad Innovation stated in his talk Frugal Innovation: Creating Greater Value in an Age of Austerity

Scarity is the mother of innovation, adversity is the father

Navi Radjou

Magnus Lindkvist was introduced as a pop-star in a unsual environment. And this is a good explanation of the following talk. The trendspotter, futurologist and author of Everything We Know is Wrong gave an intoxicating talk about The Attack of The Unexpected - When The Future Begins.
To get an innovative world, buy the book "50 dangerous things you should let your child do" and let your children leak a 9Volt battery block
One of the stupidest sentences I have ever heard is "This won't work, we have tried it before"

Magnus Lindkvist

Paul Jeremaes explained us the new important are-you-paying-attention question and gave some interesting examples from the new developments of HP to answer this question.

But in the end be a student of your own attention and be aware of not being manipulated. 

Paul Jeremaes

Harry Rombach from Bayer and Kevin Mobbs from InnoCentive gave an inside of their interesting work together to ask the right questions to a specific audience to get the right answers.
Harry: For people who have a hammer in their hand, everything looks like nails

Kevin Mobbs

Close to the end of day two we could hear about the successful cooperation of Liebherr and Strategyn presented by Matrin Gschwend, Managing Director of Liebherr and Anthony Ulwick, Author of What Costumers Want.
To break out of the commodity trap one has to know which requirements are under- and which are overserved from the viewpoint of the users of the product

Finally we got inspired by Frank Stephenson, Design Director of McLaren Automotive, simply be being introduced to his person and his work at McLaren. Wonderful bio-mimicry form findings and car studies we had seen as well as his unconventional but successful way of innovating: Bringing the fastest fish on earth to his high-tech office to analyze its low-drag tricks and transfer the insides to the new revolutionary P1.

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