Friday, February 7, 2014

#FEIEMEA: Last day with great speakers

The last day of the FEI2014 Munich was very inspiring and refreshing. We have seen a great performance from John Bessant and his team from the University of Exeter who made use of an innovative way to transfer their information to the audience: A guitar music and sketch based speech

Two refrains of the performed songs where

Dynamic capability, in innovation has to be
I'm proud to be a laggard
Though folks might think it's mighty strange
In a world where there's so much progress
I'm the one thing that ain't gonna change!

Prof. Dr. John Bessant playing guitar

The second keynote speaker was Gunter Dueck or Wild Duck, former Chief Technology Officer from IBM. In a very entertaining and a little bit satirically way he put the challenges of innovation into a nutshell. He talked about the cheese - bacon problem and stated that
Innovation is not the main topic, but it's the most missed one
Innovation attacks the immune system of a company
as well as
There is no innovation in universities, just inventions

Guenter Dueck or the Wild Duck

Beside the fact that Dr. Peter Meier, MD of Pamino GmbH and Founding FEI Advisory Board Member, organized a great conference we great speakers, he also made an interesting speech about the Diffusion of Innovation. A lively discussion arose and we all enjoyed the dynamic of the talk. Thanks for that and the great conference!

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