Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Design for Delight: Innovation at Inutit #BEI13

At Back End of Innovation #BEI13, yesterday 40 of us visited Intuit’s @IntuitInc headquarters and had a delightful time
discovering how Intuit thinks about innovation.

Over the last five years Intuit has knitted innovation into the core fabric of the company using Intuit’s innovation driving process “Design for Delight”, aka, “D4D.”

Using Design Theory as an innovation process through their D4D approach, Intuit has created an organic innovation organism acting as a company.

What was once a organization that focused on “fixed” products being shipped based on customer research serving the interests of the performance engine which is an on going business, has become a customer centered, iterative trail and error, deep customer emersion driven innovator improving customers’ lives so profoundly that customers can’t go back to their old ways because of the experience of change the customer has felt.

Human centered. Inspired. Design centered…D4D.

Design for Delight—D4D distills down to Going Beyond…Don’t just give customers what they ask for, aim to go far beyond their expectations.  Seek inspiration from many different places, from comparable industries to extreme perspectives.

Intuit's D4D’s three operational pillars are:

v Deep Customer Empathy
o   Live the experience of the customer through their eyes…Follow them home
o   Discover something new that is so surprising, it makes you think differently about the customer and our opportunity to serve them
o   Clearly articulate the problem or opportunity in the customer’s words and free of a solution
v Go Broad to Narrow
o   Go broad—“Seven to Get One”—with many options on problems as well as solution ideas
o   Purposefully choose the uncomfortable option so we can learn quickly
o   Let great ideas go because they don’t solve the problem or opportunity in the most DELIGHTFUL ways.
v Rapidly Experiment with Customers
o   Experiment to learn, not to prove our idea is the right one
o   Spend more time experimenting with customers than sitting in a room deciding what to do.
o   Prototype Everything—solutions, problems, opportunities

At Intuit these aren’t just words.  They’ve folded into their culture over the last five years, with   They’ve designed “method cards” as rubrics for innovation.  They’ve iterated the process, applying the same process to the company’s innovation process that they apply to their innovative products.
training over 180 Innovation Catalysts within their organizations where these sparks of innovation help facilitate the D4D behaviors across Intuit’s 10, 000 employees all across the globe.

Intuit has taken design thinking and re-cast the company’s approach to innovation and breakthroughs through D4D.

Simply delightful. 

Paul Ruppert is a senior executive in the mobile industry having been
responsible for new product innovation, development and launch; revenue driving and globilizing markets within startups, fast moving large service providers and Fortune 50 companies. He's driven over $300 million in revenues over the last decade, and is a co-author of a patent enabling SMS to go around the corner or across the globe. He blogs at and tweets @mobilepointview .  He is one of the "Official Bloggers" for the Back End of Innovation conference.

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