Thursday, October 31, 2013

FEI EMEA Trenz®Walk: Predict the Future with us in Munich

"Trends"... It's not a buzzword. It's a powerful innovation tool. Are you using it to its full competitive advantage?

The power of trends is in the application of deep cultural insights to real business challenges and solutions. To succeed in today's consumer landscape, we must blend art and science to spot the trends and quickly translate the trends into actionable strategic opportunities.

Join the Trenz®Walk at next year's FEI: Front End of Innovation EMEA, where you become a "cultural anthropologist", generating actionable trend insights that result in new business opportunities as you embark on a Trenz®Walk around Munich's most cutting edge areas. Exploring retail environments from restaurants to unique boutiques to graffiti art, while incorporating our tracking skills of slowing, looking down, and expanding perceptions to generate new insights and creative thinking.

All Trenz®Walking sessions were among the participants most-memorable experiences, and the session WILL sell out. So if you'd like to participate, make sure to register early.  

Other conference options:  

Monday Trend Summit & Innovation Management Summit  
Summit 1:Future Trends: Foresight to Action
Summit 2: Innovation Excellence at the Fuzzy Front End: Strategy, Organization, & Culture
Summit Workshop: Innovation Excellence: Benchmarks and Best Practices

Monday Workshop - Half-Day Workshop:
Master new visual innovation tools and create your personal action tool-kit for making innovation happen. The workshop is a powerful, hands-on, learning experience.

Many events compete for your attention. What makes FEI EMEA Unique?

The opportunity to immerse in shared experiences amongst a community of innovators resulting in new ideas, accelerated relationships and divergent thinking. FEI is more than three days. It's transformational. Don't miss out, register today!

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