Monday, September 30, 2013

The big idea: a different kind of idea

Exclusive First Read Every week through October 2013, we will post a short excerpt from our Summer Innovation Book Club Pick: Killing Ideas - You can kill an idea, you can't kill an opportunity By NewEdge CEO, Dr. Pam Henderson

Leaders want different kinds of ideas, the next generation of ideas very much alive and bursting with growth potential—not a one-dimensional idea but an idea that is multidimensional. 

These are Big Ideas, Killer Ideas, ideas that are engineered to reflect the nature of opportunity, intertwined bundles of ideas that form a compatible, attractive offer where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

…Our consumers buy the whole product not the parts. They don’t have the luxury of buying a brand separate from a product, a product separate from a price, or a package from one company and the contents from another. The whole offer is what the consumer takes home in their shopping bag. 

Individual ideas may address unmet needs; but big ideas capture opportunities.

Products end up being Six-Sourced, even if we aren’t building them that way! We need to come together to form big ideas where the parts all work together to tell the same story, the same value proposition.

… Creating big ideas is not a process of hammering out offers that are a compilation of individual pieces. Instead, it is more like a great brewing process—the interaction of the very best ingredients, in the right combination, at a specific temperature, over a critical time period, leading to the perfect brew.- Killing Ideas, Ch 6, Killer Ideas

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