Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Idea Management Systems generate more than just ideas...Activity statistics are valuable

When you use a collaborative innovation management system you end up with more than just a lengthy list of ideas, although this is the main point of the exercise. You also collect a ton of social networking activity statistics.  And this data can tell you a lot about your audience (including and most especially your employees).

Armed with this activity data, employers can discover behaviors conducive to innovation generation and encourage others to model these good behaviors.

Ben Waber, is the author of People Analytics.  He has been quoted as stating: “Billions of records (are) generated every day about each person. “  Employers are starting to see how valuable and important this data is.  

You have to start by deploying a good idea management system
You have to first collect the information.  A good idea management system is, at its heart, a social network and will do that for you.  Then you have to figure out how to make sense of the analytics.  Third you have to put this information into the hands of managers so they can use it.

Observe and Reward Good Behaviors
Noting how successful teams behave is a great step toward replicating worthwhile behaviors.  With social networks people encounter like minded individuals serendipitously.  Encouraging collaboration can engineer some of that serendipity.  

Privacy Issues?
 Some employees may consider this activity monitoring and tracking as intrusive.  But if the goal is to make employees more productive and innovative they’re more likely to be happy and want to stay at their job.

What to track?
A social network dedicated to ideation can track

  • idea submission activity,
  • idea enrichment activity,
  • voting activity,
  • time spent in discussions,
  • how often they reach out to others to collaborate,
  • how often they benevolently share inspiring information.
The Benefits?
If a particular team inspires a set of good behaviors, that team can serve as a model for the behavior of other teams.  If a particular topic (challenge) inspires good behaviors, future challenges can be guided by those learnings.  

 A social network dedicated to ideas, an innovation management system, can generate a lot of good ideas.  It can also provide a ton of activity statistics that can guide the way employers communicate with their employees, ideally helping those employers provide a workplace where employees want to work. 

Ron Shulkin blogs, researches and writes about enterprise technology focused on social media, innovation, voice of the customer, marketing automation and enterprise feedback management.  You can learn more about Ron at his biography web site:www.shulkin.net. You can follow him Twitter. You can follow his blogs at this Facebook group.  You can connect with Ron on LinkedIn.   

Ron Shulkin is Vice President of the Americas for CogniStreamer®, an innovation ecosystem. CogniStreamer serves as a Knowledge Management System, Idea Management System and Social Network for Innovation. CogniStreamer has been rated as a “Leader” in Forrester’s recent Wave report on Innovation Management Tools. You can learn more about CogniStreamer here http://bit.ly/ac3x60 . Ron also manages The Idea Management Group on LinkedIn (JoinHere).

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