Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trend Spotlight: Humanity (A visual journey)

In The 5 Trends that will Disrupt EVERYTHING: Macro Forces Shaping the Future, we noted how Humanity, Connectivity, Empowerment, Experience, & Health, are five BIG trends that will affect everything from Innovation & R&D, to Market Research & Insights, Futuring & Forecasting, Brand Strategy & Design to overall Marketing & Strategy in the future.

Today Steven Van Der Kruit, Visionary & International Trends Expert, FIRMENICH FLAVORS, who will be speaking more on the The Root of Trends at our upcoming Foresight & Trends conference, sent us these images that reflect how the need for humanization is becoming crucial and popping up all around us. Take a look:

Embrace the change. Be an agent of change. Tell the story, the one that is True, in a universal way and resonates with everyone. Inspire us!

How will you utilize Humanity to make the world a better place to live, work, and connect?

About the Author

Formerly a senior copyeditor at Thomson Reuters, a research editor at AOL,  and a senior web publicist at Hachette Book Group, Valerie M. Russo is editor at large of The Front End of Innovation Blog, The Market Research Event Blog, World Future Trends.tumblr, the Digital Impact Blog, and founded Literanista. She is the innovation lead and senior social media strategist for the Marketing and Business Strategy Division of the Institute for International Research, an Informa LLC., and her poetry was published in Regrets Only on sale at the MOMA Gift Shop. Her background is in Anthropology and English Literature. You can reach her at or @Literanista.


Soulbranding / Humanity, Inc. said...

So sweet to see humanity blossoming in the machine. Thank you, Elsie Maio, Humanity, Inc

Una Fahey said...

Such a beautiful article. I have started a blog with a focus on positive psychology and the eventual aim of bringing people together for community projects for the good of humanity. Your images really touched me. Would you like to do a guest post at some point on my blog?

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