Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Priming the Innovation Pump!

By now you probably have already seen this article:

‘Like’ This Article Online? Your Friends Will Probably Approve, Too, Scientists Say

 It explains how the social user community is effected by the activity and approval of others.  The study makes note of the "herding effect".  When someone "likes" content, we tend to respond in kind.  Interestingly, when a negative response was delivered, the "crowd" jumps in, heaping on more positive input to try to "correct" the negative trend.  All of this is effected by who is making the comments (friends, our groups, others).

If there are lessons to be learned, ways to use this information to our mutual benefit we can find two "take aways".  First note the artificial trend when you see it.  And second use it to your advantage.  If you watch the video below you can see how an ideator, the inventor of an idea, gives the idea a "push" in order to gain crowd approval.


This distortion of ratings is neither our friend nor our enemy.  It is just a fact.  We all hear our fellows decry the lack of a "dislike" button.  Although in innovation management systems there is typically the ability to vote negative numbers (plus or minus points).  And in the vetting stages when a SWOT analysis is performed there are certainly negative attributes to be considered (weaknesses and threats).  

We always have the chance to dispute those negative notions. In fact a good concept has been subjected to a thorough thrashing from the negative perspectives of certain experts.  It gives a chance for proponents to defend the idea under a variety of circumstances.

So when you "like" an article, or for that matter when you vote for an idea in an idea management software environment, ask yourself if you're driven by your own intuition; your own instincts, or are you merely responding to the wisdom of the crowd.

Ron Shulkin blogs, researches and writes about enterprise technology focused on social media, innovation, voice of the customer, marketing automation and enterprise feedback management.  You can learn more about Ron at his biography web site:www.shulkin.net. You can follow him Twitter. You can follow his blogs at this Facebook group.  You can connect with Ron on LinkedIn.   

Ron Shulkin is Vice President of the Americas for CogniStreamer®, an innovation ecosystem. CogniStreamer serves as a Knowledge Management System, Idea Management System and Social Network for Innovation. CogniStreamer has been rated as a “Leader” in Forrester’s recent Wave report on Innovation Management Tools. You can learn more about CogniStreamer here http://bit.ly/ac3x60 . Ron also manages The Idea Management Group on LinkedIn (JoinHere). 

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