Thursday, July 11, 2013

Renew Your Corporate Focus on Innovation

BEI: Back End of Innovation can help you accelerate innovation and implementation within your organization as well. What can turn an organization with a stale product line, flat revenues and mounting debt into one with a robust product pipeline and increasing annual revenues? The answer seems simple: A renewed corporate focus on innovation and breaking down organizational silos. The execution, however, is anything but simple. At BEI you'll learn what it takes to lead a successful innovation culture, how to optimize your idea portfolio, commercialize new ideas and drive profitability this November.

So how have companies like Johnson & Johnson and PBS Interactive succeeded? Find out at BEI 2013. Download the brochure here:

J&J launched TEDx to give employees an open forum to collaborate and share new ideas - and many of the ideas went from the TEDxJNJ stage becoming actual JNJ initiatives. PBS Interactive reinvented their culture and became revolutionary within the broader organization in order to keep up with dramatic changes happening across the media industry.

BEI: Back End of Innovation
November 18-20, 2013
Hyatt Regency
Santa Clara, CA

Keynote Spotlight:
·         When an Inspired Idea Meets an Inspired Culture - Michele Weslander-Quaid, Chief Technology Officer (Federal), Innovation Evangelist, Google

How an idea is assessed and communicated internally is often more important that the idea itself. Everyone has experienced it. Companies want to do well at what they already do, and are often resistant to the 'new' or giving the time or space for an idea to grow. Google is the exception. Michele speaks to Google's corporate philosophy and innovative culture and shares relevant examples, insight and advice per her 20+ years of experience leading innovation and organizational transformation in both industry and government.

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Execution takes time. Just taking initiative alone will not get innovation to work. BEI makes innovation happen. Join us in November as we put innovation to work in real-time, for real results.

The BEI Team

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