Thursday, June 13, 2013

Google, Coca-Cola Turn Ideas Into Profits

Innovation without profit is just an idea.

BEI: Back End of Innovation is a conference focused on the execution of innovation. It's where the entire innovation process comes to life - from leadership and organizational structure, to process and strategy, to commercializing new ideas, and ultimately driving bottom line profitability.

Build Your Own Custom Blueprint for Innovation Execution Success
You are not looking for identical learning and outcomes. BEI 2013 invites you to curate your experience based on what you personally are looking to achieve.

Luminary Keynotes Activate Divergent Thinking
  • Vijay Govindarajan, Best Selling Author, Leading Expert on Strategy & Innovation
  • Dustin Garis, Former Chief Troublemaker at Coca-Cola, Former Lead in Global Marketing Innovation, P&G FutureWorks
  • Dennis Hong, Associate Professor, Founding Director of RoMeLa, Virginia Tech
  • Michele R. Weslander-Quaid, Chief Technology Officer (Federal) and Innovation Evangelist, Google

Business Cases Validate
Choose from Outlier Cases, Local Knowledge Cases, High Profile Cases and more. Whichever you choose, these business cases focus on practicality from best in class innovation catalysts.

Experiential Adventures Make it Real
Get outside the conference walls with a field trips to PayPal, Intuit, and Xerox PARC to experience their physical innovation environment.

Download the brochure to view the full agenda:

See you in November!

The BEI Team

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