Thursday, June 6, 2013

3,000 ideas to get 1 break-even launch

Exclusive First Read. Every week from now through October 2013, we will post a short excerpt from our Summer Innovation Book Club Pick: Killing Ideas - You can kill an idea, you can't kill an opportunity By NewEdge CEO, Dr. Pam Henderson

This is not the result of acting hastily. The average length of a major new product development project in most industries is measured in years, not months. 

We are dismally failing with our ideas, even after we have plenty of time to examine them. Growth starts with killing ideas as the starting point, because then we can begin at the real starting point for growth: opportunity.

Ideas that fully tap into opportunity are far more likely to take hold and fulfill their promise of growth. It is the opportunity that both predefines the value of an idea and defines those ideas that will have value.

We need to start with opportunity. - Killing Ideas, Ch 1, Big Thinking

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