Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Post FEI Doldrums: A Kick in the Asterisk*

The seminars are over, the conversations have gone silent, and we’ve all gone back to our work-a-day lives. Perhaps some messages got through from the show, and some items you’ve since taken back to study under the fluorescents.

This is where the real stuff happens.

The other 355 days [giving 10 days for show euphoria to wear off] is where we need to apply a new frame to an old challenge. We essentially need a kick in the asterisk* at least once a week. So, we’re here to provide that Shift-8 every so often.

These posts will be about what I’d expect you to be working on to solve the problems we have confronting us [as a global society]. Because we’ve got plenty of heads bobbling around atop bodies on this planet – we’d like to see some more output from anywhere and everywhere.

We will focus on sketching out the problem and making some connections between obscure subject areas. We will skew toward meaty, challenging problems but may wander into the barnyard of the obscure and irrelevant. We will use images and concepts to make these connections and perhaps offer ideas of our own to fuel the fire.

Then, we’ll socialize this and see where it goes.

Our small hope is that you will see these posts and say, “I got this one” and go forth to ideate and innovate. Or, you’ll pass it along to someone who knows more about the subject to listen to their perspective. Our big hope is that someone will be working on such a problem—or just solved it—and will submit his or her name to present at next year’s Front End of Innovation conference.  

These are the subjects we will be likely covering [if this isn’t enough, please add to our list by sending a message]:

-- Health and wellness
-- Sustainability
-- Poverty and hunger
-- Financial intelligence
-- Everyday frustrations
-- Transportation

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our thoughts.

Aaron Keller is an author of two books on design, Design Matters: Logos and Design Matters: Packaging. He is also the co-founder of Capsule, a design innovation firm. He also writes for a variety of blogs from his modest desk and keyboard in Minneapolis, Mn.

Photo credit: Elegant Donkey (you can decide which one)

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