Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Live from FEI 2013: Driving Innovation Across the Organization.

Fans + Stuff: It may hit the fan and spray.

We hope you enjoyed this one, the good stuff was flying.

Our two speakers: riCardo Crespo, former chief creative office at Mattel Toys, and Twentieth Century Fox. And, Tommy Lynn, creative director at Dell teamed up to give us some inside perspective on creativity in large organizations.

And, they start with a promise to drop the f bomb. Let it fly.

Tommy went first with an inside view of how a large digital and technology company fosters creativity. He started with sessions he holds using analog technology (pens, markers and paper) to pull a creative mission out of teams. He also used public art as a visible way to pull the creative spirit out of many you would never expect to be artists. These efforts and many more methods brought design, innovation and creativity into the corporate conversation.

riCardo Crespo, focused on a real person instead of demographic kids when he was at Mattel. He pushed simplification and drew us away from, “new to the world” because it’s less intimidating. He had us following a thread to innovation as an improvement, but a “wholly shit factor” instead of just a new polish.

Then, it went up a notch and riCardo talked about the label of “innovator” and picking your own nickname, both are socially awkward. But, if you’re into calling yourself an innovator, I suspect riCardo has a rather amusing nickname for you.

This duo ran past a few boundaries.
  1. We heard the first speech with swearing, without any visible editing.
  2. It was the first to put a “creativity” song in our heads, “Are you ready for this” most often heard at a hockey match.
  3. The use of shuffle play as an icon for innovation and creativity. Getting us away from a continuous play way of thinking. Marvelous metaphor.
  4. First use of this quote, “I want to be like Cortez the explorer and burn the ships” Because we can’t go back from here.
The best quote and my immediate thought after it came out. Quote, “We are getting into deep shit here.” My thought, “strap on the waders.”

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our perspective.

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal

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