Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Live from FEI 2013 : Day two : Cheese + Rice.

Cheese + Rice: The Front End of Innovation 2013 : Healthcare Innovation, please!

David Agus, M.D. and author of “The End of Illness” gave us a wake up better than a quadruple shot skinny mocha. He busted a few of the common perceptions about health and wellness. What else would you expect from Steve Jobs’ cancer doctor?

Here’s one of the thoughts he led with and made the audience contemplate health as a national challenge.

We know the way we live impacts how long we will live (smoking, drinking, obesity and hard living will indicate an earlier death). We, as a society, take on national healthcare and therefore we take responsibility for the general population’s hard lifestyle.

He amplified this point with a healthcare bill in California that essentially made smokers pay more for their health insurance – pay the rate for how you live. As a non-smoker, makes sense to me. Unfortunately, 41% of the California state legislature has a smoking habit.

Does anyone think we need more members of government attending this Front End of Innovation event?

Mull this over and consider emailing your legislator during the break. This was just one of his first points, he also covered vitamins, aspirin, living longer and the bacteria in our guts.

This keynote is just too good for one blog post – this one will be broken up into a series. To be continued…

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our perspective.

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal

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