Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Live From FEI EMEA 2013: Making Space for Innovation

In Building the BrandGym, Andreas Erbe from SWISSCOM, spoke about building for Human Centered Design.

They started with a conference center and they wanted to change everything about it. From whiteboards on tables and walls, reclaimed farmhouse wood, the whole thing was an experiment. The message that got buy-in was "it has to be different, it has to be built differently if you want to create change."

In one case, one space originally intended as an demo room was more often used as an office so it was converted to that function. Prototyping was staged with actors helping with customer interactions and someone narrating.

It was a constant observation and adapting, growing with the people and their needs and constantly evolving.

Does your furniture encourage movement? Does it help minds move? How many senses are addressed?

The space needs to be a physical trasformation, a symbol for change. Take design innovation to next level! Do something different.

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