Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Necessity for Survival in the Future Wellness Ecosystem

GE believes innovation is "about making the world work better. It's about the future of industry - energy, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing." That's why the Front End of Innovation has been there providing innovation best practices to your cross-industry peers for over a decade.

For 2013, the FEI brand has innovated itself, launching FEI Wellness: Front End of Innovation Wellness.

Created specifically for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, FEI Wellness unites leaders to share insights and debate best practices for innovating healthcare.

Eli Lilly & Company
Predicting, Planning and Innovating for an Unpredictable Future

Business Model Transformation: A Necessity for Survival in the Future Wellness Ecosystem

Siemens Healthcare
Get Ready for Unwrapping Your Partnering Potential

Big Sexy Data and its Potential to Transform Healthcare

Johnson & Johnson
Ready for Healthcare Anywhere?

Beacon Health System
Executing Experiences that Exceed Customer Imagination: How to Steps for Monday Morning

CarePass from Aetna. Simple, Connected, Convenient

Children's Hospital Boston
The New Model: Making the Hospital More Innovative for Patient Families, Employers & Policy Makers
And more. Download the brochure for the full agenda.

Plus, don't miss cross-industry keynotes delivered by:

David B. Agus, MD, University of Southern California, Author, The End of Illness
Denise Morrison, CEO, Campbell Soup Company
Vivek Wadwha, VP of Innovation, Singularity University
Wim Elfrink, Chief Globalization Officer, Cisco
Keith Sawyer, Professor, Washington University & Author, Group Genius
Todd Henry, Author, The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice
Alexander Osterwalder, Author, Business Model Innovation
And more. Click here for the complete speaker roster.

When the right people meet the right environment, innovation thrives. FEI Wellness is where exceptional cross-industry keynotes, combined with powerful healthcare-focused content, and distinctive experiences, drive purposeful change.

Join us as we transform the industry.

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