Monday, February 11, 2013

Social Media Trends: Harnessing Telepathy, Turning Deep Insights to Innovation

The internet is like a living being: with arms that carry out actions from company meetings to nationwide protests, legs that carry it forward as it constantly gets bigger and faster, and a brain that stores thoughts, images, and memories for later recollection.

The brain of the internet is undoubtedly social media where websites like Facebook and Twitter collect thousands of random thoughts, images, and memories creating the digital central nervous system of the Internet. Now an Amsterdam based startup,, believes it has come up with telepathy for the brain of the internet in the form of what they’re calling a “Now engine”. allows users to see what is trending across a wide range of social media platforms and who is influencing those trends. Using a search engine with several patents pending Bottlenose scours user selected social media platforms to generate a live list of what trends are occurring in social media from around the world.

BottleNose 在桌面比Flipboard有更多探索能力 (Photo : IsaacMao)
Once the trends are determined, curious users can dive even further into those trends with analytics programs that provide “Deep insights into audiences, sentiment, and content, around any brand, event or topic”.

It’s not just overall trends you can see too, Bottlenose offers narrowing features like “humor” and “scandals,” which allow users to focus on only the most popular jokes or scandals people are talking about at that moment.  Another feature allows users to set automatic replies to anyone who mentions them, or there company, in a tweet.

The innovative minds at have created a service to cut away the overload of social media content and noise, which has been blowing up in the last few years, and the list of practical applications could fill pages.

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