Friday, February 1, 2013

Flashback Friday: A Trenz® Walk to Remember

Due to popular demand, we are excited to welcome back The Trenz® Walk with Steven van der Kruit, Creative Director & Visionary, Firmenich Perfumery and Mikel Cirkus, Global Director, Conceptual Design, Firmenich Flavors as part of the FEI EMEA conference experience for 2013.

Steven and Mikel have led a Trenz(R)Walk at FEI 2011 in Berlin as well as FEI 2012 in Zurich. Both Trenz(R)Walking sessions were among the participants most-memorable experiences, and the session WILL sell out. So if you'd like to participate, register now. Learn more on the website.

For more insight into the experience, take a look back at some observations from the 2012 walk in Zurich:

Observe Change. Be the Change.

Innovation culture starts from within but it also begin from outside by keeping your eye and ears low to the ground, monitoring the young and digging into subcultures, for business-relevant socio-economic change that you can toward predictive tools and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Here are some photos from our journey through District 5 and the things that popped out at us:

Walking across the Limmat River, into District 5 also known as the Industriequartier

Tribal-looking street art depicting patterns of red and orange and religious tones

Fire: A world in crisis

A cry for unity, orange again spotted

The old is new again

A city anthropomorphized

Idea Hunters in Action
Proprietor Alberto Friedrich, Stilrad explaining how his unique bike shop  leads the pack  among retailers 
Freitag Shop

Slow and Steady...., nature wins

Photos and 2012 commentary by Valerie M. Russo

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