Friday, February 15, 2013

Drive Innovation Forward: 2012 Front End of Innovation Brief Now Available

At the Front End of Innovation, we gather new perspectives from hard-to-get speakers each year. FEI is where exceptional keynotes, combined with powerful content, and distinctive experiences, drive purposeful change.

Our 2012 FEI report, which compiles action points from the event and our esteemed keynotes was offered exclusively to attendees to provide actionable value, drive innovation and create real life business impact for leadership and organizational success.

As we prepare to meet together in May 2013, we offer you the chance to sign-up for access and share the most recent innovation-driven executive summary we aggregated.

Download the Free 16-page 2012 FEI Executive Summary Now:
It includes:
•             Highlights all of the 2012 Conference Key Points
•             Aggregates the 2012 Conference Overarching Themes
and much more.

Be sure to visit our new media center to explore more innovation resources and access podcasts, past FEI presentations, videos, photos, and more.

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