Monday, January 21, 2013

Why You Should Invest in the Front End of Innovation

If there was one year, you couldn’t miss the FEI conference – this is it.

See what past Front End of Innovation attendees
had to say about the value of their FEI Experiences:

You can view more personal endorsements here and even add your own.

2013 is a year of moving forward, collaborating with the best from industry and academia to transform uncertainty into opportunity. FEI is your catalyst to do just that- to drive purposeful change. Download the conference brochure here.

2013 event highlights include:

A Powerhouse Keynote Lineup Featuring:

Keith Sawyer, Author, Group Genius, Professor of Psychology, Education and Business, WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY
Laurenz Schaffer, President, BMW GROUP DESIGNWORKSUSA
Vivek Wadwah, VP of Academics and Innovation, SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY
Denise Morrison, President & CEO, CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY
David B. Angus MD, Co-Founder, NAVIGENICS; Professor of Medicine and Engineering, USC
Alexander Osterwalder, Author, Business Model Generation
Wim Elfrink, SVP and Chief Globalization Officer, CISCO
Todd Henry, Author, The Accidental Creative
Nelson Farris, Chief Storyteller, Director, Culture & Heritage, NIKE

In depth focus into the most critical issues facing the industry:

Technology and the Race for the Future
The Science of Creativity: Creativity as a Core Competency
Why Won’t You Let Me Innovate? Championing the Environment for Success
Challenge the Status Quo: Creating Future Value through Business Model Reinvention
The World Turned Upside Down: Winning in Emerging Markets
Design as a Catalyst for Solving Complex Problems
Leveraging Voice of the Customer to Deliver Breakthrough Product Performance
Ideation and Collaboration: Finding the Next Big Idea
Turning Foresight into Action
Portfolio Management as a Tool to Strengthen Decision Making in R&D

Register by January 25 & Save $700.

Join us and make an invaluable investment into your future and the success of your business.

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