Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Your annual dose of Innovation Stalwarts and Innovation Rebels

As the year comes to an end and we look toward 2013, where will you get your innovation inspiration from? Is it from best practices from the large Fortune 100 organizations known for their innovation engines? Or is it from the “next practices” of the more entrepreneurial companies on the horizon?

FEI EMEA is your annual dose of Innovation Stalwarts mixed with Innovation Rebels, giving you the opportunity to hear from the most well-known and respected leaders in innovation, as well as the up and comers and news- makers.

Innovation Stalwart Spotlight - on Revitalizing Growth

Revitalizing Growth and Innovation in the World's Oldest Innovative Company - Sir George Buckley, Executive Chairman of the Board, Retired President, & CEO of 3M

In this session, Sir George Buckley tackles current and future challenges for companies seeking to find untapped opportunities for growth, and how 3M has consistently stayed ahead of the pace of change to remain a world leader in innovation.

Innovation Rebel Spotlight - on Co-Creation
Co-Creating for a Better Society
- Christian Bason, Chief Innovation Officer, Mind-Labs

In this session, Christian Bason will share what is takes to successfully drive innovation in bureaucratic, political environments and how ethnographic research and design-led methods can help power better solutions to complex challenges.

In addition, you will get both fresh and proven perspectives from experts across 18 industry sectors, including:
• Hannes Erler, Vice President Innovation, Swarovski
• Pierre Swart, Global Head of Innovation Delivery, British American Tobacco
• Vince Voron, Head of Desgn, Coca-Cola North America
• Sangeeta Gupta, Senior Consultant, Strategy & Consumer Insight, PepsiCo India
• Rudi Broos, Innovation Director, Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent
• Jean-Michel Cossery, Chief Marketing Officer, GE Healthcare
• Carole Farvart, Kenai Design General Manager, Toyota Europe
• Mads Niper, Chief Marketing Officer, LEGO
• Kamel Chida, Associate Director, Open Innovation, General Mills
• Kirsten Keuhl, Head of Developer and Community Innovation, Nokia
• Jaspar Roos, Chief Inspiration Officer, ABN AMRO
• Bob Van Leeuwen, Innovation Manager, Strategist and Trendwatcher, Interpolis
• Ulrich Bentz, Director, Department Head Innovation & Entrepreurship Incubator, Global Business Development & Strategy, Merck Serono
• Henry Mason, Global Head of Research and Managing Partner,
• Arjan Rensma, Innovation Process Manager, DSM Innovation Center
• Christian Doll, Senior Consultant, Siemens
• Steven van der Kruit, Creative Director & Visionary, Firmenich Perfumery
• Andreas Erbe, Design Thinker and Co-Creator, Swisscom
• Ignaas Caryn, Corporate Strategy & Innovation, Director, Innovation & Venturing, Air France/KLM
• Andrey Evtenko, Consumer Insights Specialist, Nestle Research Centre, Nestle
• Estratia Zafeiriou, Technology Development Assembly, Audi Production
• and many, many more. See the full speaker list.

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We look forward to helping you "achieve the vision" next march in Copenhagen!
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