Monday, October 15, 2012

Exciting Free Innovation Webinar: The top 12 ways to make the job of the Innovation Manager easier!

In just two days (Wednesday October 17) we'll show you how the job of innovation manager can be made easier by leveraging technology.  

To learn more about how technology can enable your organization's innovation program, please register for our free upcoming webinar:  The top dozen ways to make the job of the innovation manager easier”.

OK, you’ve been alerted to your organization’s Innovation Strategy.  You’ve been working hard to let everyone know “our company is embracing innovation”; it’s our new culture.  Now you have to start collecting ideas, keep them safe while encouraging people to collaborate on them.  You have to wade through all those best ideas and get them ready to move toward production.  Not so easy, is it?

The good news is there are tools available to make the job of the innovation manager easier.  Technology to help manage groups and easily administer their security access.  Automatic tools to get the best ideas enriched.  In fact there is technology available to help you get your user community to adopt this new thinking and keep them engaged.

See how systems like CogniStreamer and others provides a technology backbone to support any organization’s innovation strategy.  See how companies like Phillip Morris International, Cytec, Case New Holland and many others are gathering the kinds of ideas that both help them do things better and also to disruptively do things different.  Learn how our clients are getting measurable (in dollars) results. 

Register now for this short but chock full of valuable information and productive webinar!

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Ron Shulkin
Global Vice President
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Bram Vandenholen said...

I was unfortunately unable to attend the webinar. Is there or will there be a recording made available to watch or download?

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