Monday, September 24, 2012

Special Offer to Attend Front End of Innovation EMEA Conference

There's a reason FEI is the recognized and trusted brand for advancing innovation worldwide. Each year FEI celebrates the power of collective intelligence - creating an environment that empowers innovators to connect meaningfully through purposeful conversations based on content.

We invite you to take a tour of the 2012 Front End of Innovation EMEA event to catch a glimpse of what makes the FEI experience unlike anything you've ever experienced before - the "outside the conference walls" experiences, the collaboration in action, the industry-leading speakers, and the local inventors showcase:

Interested? Join us at the 2013 FEI EMEA, taking place 4-6 March, 2013 in Copenhagen and see for yourself what FEI is all about.

Some highlights from the 2013 program:
Choose from 7 Content Areas:

- Customer Driven Innovation Summit
- Innovation Execution
- Thriving in Emerging Markets
- Aligning Innovation Ecosystems
- Business Model Opportunities
- Design as an Early Influencer in the Innovation Process
- Future Trends Summit
Hard to access Keynotes delivering expertise through storytelling:

- George Buckley, Executive Chairman of the Board, Retired President & CEO, 3M
- Vince Voron, Head of Design, Coca Cola North America
- Jean-Philippe Deschampes, Professor of Technology & Innovation Management, IMB
- Mads Nipper Chief Marketing Officer, LEGO
- Jean-Michel Cosséry Chief Marketing Officer, GE Healthcare
- Jason Foster Founder & Chief Re-User, Replenish
- And many more.

Readers of this blog can save 15% off the price of registration with code FEIEMEA13BLOG. Visit our website to register.

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen!

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