Thursday, August 9, 2012

BEI Innovation Insight #4: You Need The Conviction of an Innovator

In advance of this year’s BEI: Back End of Innovation conference, we wanted to start a larger dialog about the execution of innovation programs. In a joint effort with conference chair Julie Anixter, Chief Innovation Officer, MAGA DESIGN GROUP and Executive Editor, INNOVATION EXCELLENCE we’re kicking off the conversation by putting a series of questions to some of the exciting members of the BEI Community.

This week we asked Don Creswell, Co-Founder at BEI Sponsor SmartOrg Inc., "based on your own personal experience, what is the single most important piece of advice that you would give to people who are beginning to implement an innovation project, program or strategy?"

Creswell's response: "I am not sure one can really define a “single most important thing” – there is too much involved to distill to this level of granularity.

However, one very important thing: True innovation does not come from collections of hundreds of ideas that one sifts through to find a pearl from the oyster bed. Rather innovation comes from the conviction of an innovator whose heart and soul is committed to a great new idea – be it a new product or service or a radical change in supply chain effectiveness, etc. – it is then that ideas are important. The organization needs to provide an environment for the innovator to move forward with his/her idea. Fundamentally, innovation comes from committed people, not from ideas."

David Matheson of  SmartOrg Inc. will present Principles of Strategic Portfolio Management at BEI: Back End of Innovation on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 in Boston, MA. In this session you will learn about the challenges faced in making strategic decisions about your portfolio such as prioritizing projects, culling out those unlikely to pay off, focusing resources, and determining investment levels. Organizations are faced with significant uncertainty, conflicting objectives and difficult-to-compare proposals. The principles of strategic portfolio management, that have been developed for Stanford’s Strategic Decision and Risk Management program, summarize what it takes to create a portfolio that wins.

To join this session, register as a reader of this blog & save 15% off the standard registration link, use code BEI12BLOG.

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