Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Live from Front End of Innovation 2012: The Art of Storytelling with Noelle Chun

Noelle Chun gave a nice presentation on story telling, based on her experience at Yahoo.  She spoke about how to identify, craft, and how to drive adoption of that story.

She said that storytelling has been around from "ancient Greeks to modern geeks."

What makes a good story?

First, set your values.  This creates the foundation.  All of the stories will trickle down from your main story. Your values should address who you are.  It sets a clear direction for the future and informs innovation.  And you must be consistent in all of your stories to reinforce those values.

A good story needs to be: memorable, engaging (speak to heart and head), and actionable (what are they going to implement)

3ABCs of a Good Story 
  • Always be clear
  • Always be concise (one line hook that can be repeated)
  • Always be setting context 
She mentioned that stories need characters: personality of the team or personality of the innovation.

3 Types of Stories
  • Great aspirations - someone who thought of something and achieved it.
  • David vs Goliath - a hero against all odds...small start-up wins against the establishment
  • Contrarian stories - things that break out of the mold of what we believe to be true
  • Personal stories - stories from your own life (versus those of someone else)
Make it easy to distribute.  Make it easy for word of mouth. Make it social (pre-written tweets). Find advocates.  Put in a format that others can send.

Make it easy, create ripples, make it social.

Here's my question: "If a story is told in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does the story exist?"  From today's presentation, the answer would be, "no."  The best story not heard does not create the desired change.

Thank you Noelle.

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